• Seed Color Sort Machine
  • Seed Color Sort Machine
  • Seed Color Sort Machine
  • Seed Color Sort Machine
  • Seed Color Sort Machine
  • Seed Color Sort Machine
Seed Color Sort Machine

Seed Color Sort Machine

Detalhes do produto:

Lugar de origem: Anhui, China
Marca: Nage
Certificação: CE certificate SGS certificate

Condições de Pagamento e Envio:

Quantidade de ordem mínima: >Grupos =1
Preço: $14,000.00
Detalhes da embalagem: As máquinas querem o bew envolvido em casos de madeira em condições de navegar profissionais o taman
Habilidade da fonte: 2000 grupos/grupos pelo ano
Melhor preço Contato

Informação detalhada

INDÚSTRIAS APLICÁVEIS: Fábrica do alimento & da bebida, explorações agrícolas, loja de alimento Após o serviço da garantia: Suporte laboral video, apoio em linha, manutenção das peças sobresselentes, de campo e serviço de re
Service  local; Lugar: Nenhum Lugar da sala de exposições: Nenhum
Condição: Novo capacidade de produção: 6.0-14.0 (T/H)
tensão: 220V/50 Hz Poder (W): 4500
Peso: 1590KG Dimensão (L*W*H): 3367*1536*1690
Garantia: 1 ano Serviço pós-venda proporcionado: Manutenção e serviço de reparações de campo
Nome do produto: Máquina do moinho de arroz Aplicação: Processamento do arroz branco
Função: Arroz do produto Uso: Alvejante do Polisher do arroz
Tipo: Máquina de trituração do arroz da agricultura Matéria: rendimento alto
Capacidade: 600-700KG/H vantagem: Funcionamento da eficiência elevada
Serviço: serviço online 24hours Estrutura: Construção de aço
Porta: Shanghai

nut cleaning machine


cashew colour sorting machine

Descrição de produto

Product Description
Color Sorters are machines used on the production lines in bulk food processing and other industries. They sort materials by their colors or shapes, If it is found that there are unqualified materials or impurities in the materials, the ejector will blow out the rejects in the hopper. In color sorting stage, the grain pile comes into the hopper, from there it goes into the vibrating feeder. The vibratory feeders spread and leveled the grain to a single-layer flow.Two CCD cameras are installed at the two sides of the control area. The single-stream from e.g. Cereal is scanned by the cameras. The data of the video cameras are used in the arithmetic unit and are analyzed in real time. From the results of image analysis of the signals, an air flow pulse is generated by opening the valves at the moment on the fly by the detected particle. The compressed air pulses with a pressure of (0.4 … 0.6 MPa), which is generated only for the duration of a few milliseconds, blowing the grain into the corresponding receiver module.
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Focus on the field of color sorting and lead the industry standards; Create unlimited possibilities. Analyze every detail and select every raw material.Multi-function,multi-purpose,widely used for rice,grain,cereal, plastics,etc.
Seed Color Sort Machine 1

Examples of color sorting

The targeted sorting technology ensures no defect of light yellow would be missed from a million grains of rice. Standard edition with the Spectrum Confocal 2.0 removes glass, desiccants, transparent plastics and motley plastics. Flagship edition with the InGaAs Infrared system custom for rice sorting eliminates foreign materials.
Seed Color Sort Machine 2
Detailed Images
Seed Color Sort Machine 3


5400-pixel CCD camera makes sure that, it is able to recognize more accurately,analyze more quickly and sort more precisely The highest resolution is as high as 0.02 mm-2, which can accurately identify small defects and spots in the material.

Seed Color Sort Machine 4


Imported high-quality solenoid valves makes machines work more stably for longer time. The new type of high frequency valve allows low consumption of electricity , high durability,and easy maintenance.
Seed Color Sort Machine 5


Humanized touch panel,which is easier to learn, more convenient to operate.Concise touch panel helps customer operate easily and promptly. It is also able to support for multiple languages, preservation and switching of multiple color selection modes
Seed Color Sort Machine 6


Special anodized chutes, larger output and uniform cutting. Waterfall plate and narrow chute channel to meet the color selection of different materials Materials can be sorted according to different shapes,no need to change the light source.
Seed Color Sort Machine 7


Imported original ARK Filter which has high reputation in color sorter accessories market. Oil filter and water filter make sure that air shot out is clean and quick.
Seed Color Sort Machine 8


American ultra-high speed FPGA processor, 3D intelligent identification technology.Intelligent system with self-learning,self-operating Powerful image processing algorithm can accurately identify the color and shape of materials.
Size Information
Seed Color Sort Machine 9
1.The above data is based on 5% contamination Coarse Cereals material.The real output depends on different materials and contamination. 2.1f products update,no further notice.Please refer to the real machine. 1.以上色选参数均以含杂量5%的杂粮为例,具体指标因物料及含杂质不同而变化。 2.产品若有更新恕不另行通知,以机械实际为准。
Machines will bew wrapped in professional seaworthy wooden cases Package size will depend on each model size.
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Seed Color Sort Machine 11
After Sales Service
Seed Color Sort Machine 12
We will test your products at your plant, training your stuff, set every file for customer to serve all round service, so as to ensure your machine working under the best situations.
We provide lifelong software upgrade services for our customers for free.
From the date of purchase machine, we can provide one year free maintenance ( not the reason of vandalism and something
unexpected, excluding delicate fittings).
Engineers available to service machinery overseas, we also can train technical stuff for customers.
Company Introduction
Hefei Branagh Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-technology firm, which combined with design, manufacture and selling, Our firm is dedicated to providing high reliability, high quality, safety and easy-to-operate sorting machines for customers in the field of food and industrial.We have a team that is determined to make progress and keep innovating to form a business model that is oriented toward quality, efficiency ,and customer satisfaction
Through countless hardwork, we serve customers from all over the world. We are well-established in both domestic and foreign markets. Our products sold well in our country and exported to Asia,Africa,Europe,America,Australia,more than 80 countries. Now we are enjoying the high reputation in manufacturing circle.We would be pleased to enter into business relations with you!
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Certificates and Patents
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Seed Color Sort Machine 17
Seed Color Sort Machine 18
1. How to use the machine?
We will supply the Installation instructions or video and our engineers will train your operators.

2. How long about the warranty period?

One year. And we supply lifelong software upgrade services for our customers.

3. Can you supply the related spare parts,such as,ejectors, air compressors, CCD cameras, and solenoid valves?

Yes, we can provide above equipments for free within one year.

4. Is overseas service available?

Yes, our engineers could go abroad when required.
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Mobile phone No
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